Monday, December 2, 2013

Funny Signs: Onli in Pinas

Filipinos are know worldwide for their love to smile, laugh, create humor and funny stories. It is evident in some signs created to mimic, spoof or imitate in the sense that it creates a different perspective, understanding and a unique point whether it is made out to create curiosity, to ride on with the publicity, to induce funny situation or because of the lack of knowledge on the truth and reality.

Here are some of the funny signs which were documented by this blogger and this will be updated from time to time upon the encounter with the unique yet "happy" signs. 


Courtesy: Dinagat Islands-PDITC

Dinagat Islands BUGKOSAN SA ISLA Festival 2013 Stationary Showdown. The 1st Contingent: Tribu Sibanag - Tag-abaca National High School in their performance. Read earlier post regarding the festival here: Dinagat Islands Festival 2013: "BUGKOSAN SA ISLA"

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